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Lindia's List

The Museum of Enlarged Persian Miniatures and Library of Exotic Art

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East Window

During the first frigid months of 2004, I began a long, arduous adventure: transforming an unfinished attic full of junk into a wondrous museum. With the help of my expert, hard working carpenter/electrician/ plasterer/construction man from Croatia, Marijan Paochich, I planned the design to include built in storage benches and built in bookcases.Our initial worries included whether we would have to install an additional heating system, or if the insulation alone would keep the attic warm in winter. The answer was evident as soon as the wallboards were installed: we didn't even have to wear coats and gloves up there any more! Marijan's job was finished after only a couple of months. Then I began painting enlarged Persian miniatures, slightly altered to resemble family members, on the walls. Inspired further by Indian, Moroccan,and Pre-Islamic Persian art, the Alhambra, and North African Kilims, my wall paintings are ALMOST complete! Actually, I keep thinking of more things to add. My next project will be the construction of miniaturized ancient Iraqui monuments to further decorate the museum.


In the first picture, Marijan faithfully frames the doorway, trusting that eventually we will remove the remaining junk even though at this point our living room downstairs was virtually impassable. Jeez, how did we accumulate all that stuff? Definitely not museum quality. Anyway, notice the ice on the INSIDE of the roof. Marijan had to wear gloves and coat while working up there in January.
In the second picture, the framing is up, and bookcases are begun surrounding the window. I wanted a half-circle window up there but it didn't fit.
Third picture, the wallboard is up, and Marijan doesn't need his coat any more! Yay!

Persian Prince with Anastasia

Anastasia posing by a painting of a Persian prince that oddly resembles my husband ! Several panels like this open to storage.


Mosaics copied from the Alhambra, except they're painted.


Two leopards surround a doorway.The panel at left, inspired by an Azerbaijan mosaic, conceals storage.Costumes hang on the wall.